Modernizing Payments in Manufacturing

We provide innovative and efficient payment solutions that can revolutionize the way your e-commerce business operates. With Centi, you can offer your customers a seamless and secure payment experience.

Streamlining Transactions in the Manufacturing Realm

The manufacturing sector, with its vast and intricate supply chains, demands a payment solution that's efficient, secure, and adaptable. Centi's platform is engineered to meet these requirements, ensuring seamless financial operations in the manufacturing landscape.

Why Choose Centi for Manufacturing? Section

Tailored Payment Solutions for the Manufacturing World

Instant Payments

Accelerate transactions across the supply chain, from raw material suppliers to end consumers.

Enhanced Security

Benefit from Centi’s robust security measures, ensuring safe transactions at every step.

Global Reach

Facilitate international transactions without the traditional banking delays and fees.

Reduced Transaction Costs

With minimal fees, ensure maximum profitability in your manufacturing operations.

Applications of Centi in Manufacturing Section

Integrating Digital Payments in Manufacturing Processes


Supplier Payments

Streamline payments to suppliers, ensuring timely delivery of raw materials.


Employee Wages

Simplify the wage disbursement process, especially for international or temporary workers.


B2B Transactions

Facilitate quick and secure transactions between manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.


Customer Payments

Offer multiple payment options, including micropayments, for end consumers.


Hospitality & Check-In Stations

Simplify the check-in process in hotels, resorts, and event venues with integrated payment solutions.

Beyond Traditional Payment Mechanisms



Efficiently handle small transactions, perfect for pay-per-use services or machinery rentals.


White-Label Solutions

Integrate a branded payment experience into your existing systems, enhancing stakeholder trust.


Open APIs for Development

Build custom payment solutions tailored to your manufacturing needs on top of Centi’s platform.

Pioneering the Future of Self-Service

Centi's payment solutions are not just about facilitating transactions; they're about reimagining the potential of self-service kiosks, making them more user-friendly, efficient, and versatile.

Ready to Transform Your Manufacturing Financials?

Integrate Centi's payment solutions and lead the way in the manufacturing sector's digital transformation.