Revolutionizing Agricultural Transactions with Centi

Harnessing Digital Solutions for the Farming World

Agriculture, foundational to many economies, deserves a payment solution that's as dynamic and innovative as the sector itself. Centi's payment solutions bring efficiency, security, and modernity to the age-old industry, including the groundbreaking ability to tokenize assets like cattle.

Why Choose Centi for Agriculture? Section

Cultivating Financial Efficiency in Agriculture

Instant Payments

Ensure immediate transactions for crop sales, livestock, or farm equipment.

Secure Transactions

Trade and transact with peace of mind, thanks to Centi’s advanced security.

Loyalty Programs

Foster long-term business relationships by rewarding regular buyers and suppliers with tokenized loyalty points.

Transparent Pricing

With minimal transaction fees, farmers retain a larger portion of their earnings.

Applications of Centi in Agriculture Section

Innovations in Agricultural Transactions


Tokenized Livestock

Transform livestock into liquid assets by tokenizing cattle, enhancing trade and investment opportunities.


Crop Sales

Simplify the selling process with instant payments, directly to the farmer’s account.


Farm Equipment Purchases

Ensure secure payments for tractors, tools, and other farming essentials.


Agricultural Services

Streamline the booking and payment process for services, from soil testing to pest control.


Hospitality & Check-In Stations

Simplify the check-in process in hotels, resorts, and event venues with integrated payment solutions.

Beyond Traditional Agricultural Transactions



Perfect for small transactions, such as seeds or saplings purchases.


White-Label Solutions

Offer a branded payment experience, enhancing trust and loyalty among agricultural partners.


Open APIs for Development

Create custom payment solutions tailored to specific agricultural needs using Centi’s platform.

Pioneering the Future of Self-Service

Centi's payment solutions are not just about facilitating transactions; they're about reimagining the potential of self-service kiosks, making them more user-friendly, efficient, and versatile.

Ready to Elevate Your Agricultural Business?

Integrate Centi's payment solutions and be at the forefront of the modern agricultural market.